Jure Martinec /youreh martínets/ is a seasoned Designer & Technologist, based in London, UK.

I lead endeavours to make novel technology meaningful through enchanting digital products & services that build our world.

I build design teams.
Together we research, design and deliver digital tools that are meaningful, playful and get the job done.

  1. Illustrations by Matija Medved

Illustrations by Matija Medved

Currently I'm part of the founding team at Keel, building simple enabling technology for operationally complex businesses.

In the past Ive been designing for big brands at IDEO and managing design inhouse at Arrival

imagining new futures,

research, storytelling, prototyping

setting digital strategies,

products, ecosystems, roadmaps

enabling design processes

team building, design systems, tooling

& building emerging products.

alpha, alpha, beta


Creation Platform

Setting product strategy & design operations for building next-generation vehicle engineering software.

I collaborate across design, technology, product and brand. If needed, leading from discovery to delivery.

As designer helping drive collective imagination, make ideas tangible, uncover potential and offer design direction. As technologist helping experiment with new ambiguous technology, think in systems and design implementable solutions. As product lead helping build the right thing by minimising risk, maximising learning and delivering incremental value. As people lead fostering personal growth, inclusive culture and strong purpose.