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Trust Me, It's Art (2012)

What if you could fish for other people's passwords by exposing your own?

2012 — Ansambel

With increasing panic over security on the internet, we humorously point to the fact. This critical project invites participants to enter their frequently used password and reveal it publicly, for the sake of art. We claim to not process or store any revealing data, however without guarantee nor support for change of mind.
By trusting the integrity of the system, its authors and supporting infrastructure, the participants willingly become digitally vulnerable. We encourage a discourse pointed towards privacy on the internet, systems that disobey it and our formed habits around it.

www.trustmeitsart.com (Internet Archive)
After launching online, the project continued with a series of exhibitions and individual spin-off projects. I led the development and contributed to conceptualisation and communication.

Collaboration with Ansambel (Nejc Prah, Klemen Ilovar)

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